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Imagination   -   Intellect   -   Insight

Imagine a K-8 school where questions lead to learning where wondering is a habit of mind where great ideas thrive...
Education with wisdom, sensitivity, and vitality.



A Renaissance School is founded on core principles of engagement, the power of childhood contexts and inquiry, the intellectual power and choreography of educators, the widening circle of support, participation in civic life, leadership, stewardship, and richness of layered learning. The school is firm in its groundwork and will evolve thoughtfully as all human enterprise does over time, with cultivation by its stewards.

"It takes a lifetime to know a field."

                                   -Patrick, a farmer in Ireland



Imagine a school where questions lead learning, where wondering is a habit of mind, where children engage the city and their studies as full participants.  Imagine an environment where musing is an esteemed occupation and skills are developed to venture beyond “here”, where great ideas become real. Imagine an education that values childhood and its wisdom, sensitivity, and vitality.  Imagine learning that makes dreams possible.  Imagine a life built on a foundation of engagement that creates a love of knowing, and a knowing that allows us to stand on the edge of each day, assured there will be more.

The word “imagine” begs us to stop and consider, envision, and strive toward something that has a transforming horizon line, one that moves beyond our grasp as we move, and changes us in our pursuit.

This is our quest… to become better at the journey and through the journey. There is no “there.” Any outcomes we can list immediately become too small for the children we serve …for ourselves. Simply ticking a list trivializes our travel.

“The journey is the reward.”

                                       -Elliott Eisner

A Renaissance School... Arts, design, engineering, and the sciences are lively, natural contexts for the introduction, development, and application of skills. Multi-layer projects unfold with collaboration and adult guidance as each child develops confidence and competence as a learner. As community members, children are empowered to find their voices and contribute their signatures through service, leadership, and civic engagement, shaping unique questions and interpretations of their expanding world.


Notice of nondiscriminatory policy

A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religious preference, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission selections, educational policies and programs, and/or hiring and employment practices.

Accredited through Western Association of Schools and Colleges 2012