Our Schedule

Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am - 4:00 PM

7:30 am Early arrival and studio time
Arrival time sets the tone for the day. It is important that children come to school ready to learn. A good night's sleep, a healthy breakfast, and encouragement all contribute to the ability to focus on learning.
8:00 am Arrival time for all children
Arriving before morning meeting allows children to settle in, touch base with friends, take care of personal organization, and feel ready for the morning routines to begin.
8:15 am Morning meeting
During this time, community members are greeted, announcements are made, and news is shared. The day's agenda is set.
8:30 am Literacy groups
Children work in groups and independently on handwriting, word study (vocabulary, spelling), reading strategies, fluency, expression, comprehension, writing (process, structures, grammar, and punctuation) often in the context of a broader content study.
10:00 am Snack
10:15 am Read aloud
The selections are chosen to illustrate writing styles, literary elements, genre, or social topics.
10:30 am Numeracy groups
Children work in groups and individually on number sense, computation, and problem-solving, spanning measurement, geometry, algebra, fractional numbers (including per cent and decimals), positive and negative integers, statistics, and graphic representations.
12:00 noon Lunch
Lunch break is a social time for the children. It provides them with time to connect with friends and develop social skills while replenishing their energy. The quality of this time is important for the success of the day. Its structure ensures safety and well-being.
12:30 pm Recreation
When children are able to interact productively with their peers and handle their concerns with competence, the afternoon climate is much more settled and relaxed. Our children and staff aspire to create a mid-day routine that allows freedom for children within a supervised structure and support.
1:00 pm Afternoon schedules are a mix of content in the sciences and specialist instruction.
3:00 pm Studio time and exploratory classes.
4:00 pm Final departure time.

Fridays (Theme Workshops), 8:00am - 2:30pm

September-December | January-March | April-July

8:00 - 2:30   Field trips, project work, related skill work and tutorial time.

Two Week March-April Hiatus Session

Monday thru Thursday



September 7 School Resumes
November 11 Veteran's Day (No School)
November 24-25 Thanksgiving (No School)
December 15 Learning Celebration 3-5
December 16-January 2 Winter Break
January 3 School Resumes
January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School)
February 17 Authors Tea, Grand Ball, Learner Profiles Avaliable
February 20 Presidents Day (No School)
March 23 Learning Celebration 3-5 (No School on the 24th)
March 27-30 Spring Break Hiatus Week One (8:00-2:00) No School on the 31st
April 3-6 Spring Break Hiatus Week Two (8:00-2:00) No School on the 7th
April 10 School Resumes
April 30 Annual Raven's Magic Sleepover
May 1 Raven's Magic Dances Up the Sun
May 29 Memorial Day (No School)
July 4 Independence Day (No School)
July 20 Last Day of School, 3:00-5:00 pm Family Celebration of Learning