May Day


420028_406389226041498_100000112710810_1698175_1200195671_n.jpgWhat better way to celebrate Dr. Seuss' 108th birthday than tapping into our creative minds and building our own Seussical hats! This is just the may not even recognize the finished products! And that's not all...Seussical poems to come!

423350_391731304173957_100000112710810_1656715_1804396532_n.jpgOur Flutterbies celebrated one hundred days of learning by collecting, stacking, counting, measuring, sorting, and comparing 100 pennies. How high can you stack pennies? How can you measure a line of pennies? Who is the person on the penny? Are all pennies the same??

Glass & Salt

388592_325822337431521_100000112710810_1454005_2015648571_n.jpgScott, from Aquila Glass is a dear friend of our school. He met with groups of children twice a week at the school to explore glass and its many magical qualities.

Thanksgiving in the Neighborhood 2011

308583_323671464313275_100000112710810_1448594_468216513_n.jpegOur Native American calendar highlights "generosity" as a quality of wisdom this month. As school we also celebrate "appreciation" as a quality we value. Last week each child selected two or three aspects of life that elicit gratitude.