Welcome to The Edge

“Come to the edge, he said. They said, We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew.” --- Guillaume Apollinaire

Beyond academics, we are mindful that we are working and playing with whole beings, people we hope will hold the world powerfully, gently, compassionately, knowingly. To that end, we pay a great deal of attention to how we speak with and listen to each other, and how we bring respect for ourselves, each other, and our environment into our expressions and actions. Mannered behavior, courtesy, grace, and integrity of word and action are regular talking points, and character development figures prominently in our conversations and reflection.

Children who exhibit a consistently high standard of decorum and dignity, and who are at least ten years of age, may be invited to "The Edge." This distinguished group of children receive the honors due to wise elders in a clan. They are able to lead stewardship efforts, be partnered with community adults in mentorship and shadowing opportunities outside of school walls, act as school ambassadors and spokespeople, and travel extensively and internationally as part of our school community.

This honor is taken seriously by children and adults. It is not given lightly or quickly. It cannot be rushed; it is not a race. At The Edge, responsibilities and privileges are entrusted to children who are known throughout the school for their leadership, contributions, commitment to others, and common sense.

Characteristics of scholars at the Edge:

  • Organizer -- able to collect, arrange, and make sense of resources and materials, including time and space, for a best effort in learning
  • Resourcer -- able to gather, invent, and repurpose supplies, tools, and experiences
  • Peacemaker -- able to ask for, and help find, constructive ways to solve human concerns, often acting as, or seeking out, a wise person for advice and reflection
  • Challenge seeker -- able to push boundaries thoughtfully to extend options and thinking beyond what is basic or expected
  • Problem solver -- able find appropriate entrances, exits, and pathways to arrive at a resolution, in project work, human interaction, and life adventures
  • Time keeper -- able to make and keep personal commitments that involve time
  • Mind bender -- able to demonstrate flexibility and fluidity in thinking, changing course when reason and good results suggest a new course
  • Encourager -- able to support the efforts of others with joy in their accomplishment
  • Contributor -- able to share ideas and information that advance the learning of our entire community
  • Service-minded -- able to find the gaps that provide opportunity for initiative and selfless acts of kindness for the greater good
  • Leader -- able to rally the spirits and efforts of others to a constructive cause, with clarity and openness
  • Full participant -- able to give total focus and effort to learning
  • Web weaver -- able to make connections among ideas, materials, people, expertise
  • Fact checker -- able to locate information for the purpose of verification, often consulting several sources
  • Respectful -- able to look at the other with soft eyes and understand another point of view, acting then with the grace that flows from knowing more broadly
  • Responsible -- able to assume the results of and response to decision-making and its corresponding action
  • Generous -- able to give beyond the expected, often resulting in the growth and appreciation of others
  • Thoughtful -- able to see a need and fill it with the intention of creating beauty, hope, and community
  • Courageous- able to go further, with reasoned risk, to make the world a better place
  • Horizon-seeker -- able to judge the space between "here" and "there", see the potential and take the road that follows the possibility
  • Appreciator -- able to see the gifts that arrive and hold the world gratefully in its abundance
  • Question poser -- able to see the holes, gaps, changes, and unanswered, and wonder why, using any pausing places for further inquiry and musing